January 2, 2014 – Snow!

It was beautiful day, especially in the morning when it wasn’t windy. Snow is one of the most beautiful and wonderful things in nature. Everything blanketed in soft white snow, the flakes falling, and the quiet; beautiful and peaceful.

– Snow in the morning. 4.5 inches on the bird feeder and 4 inches on the patio table (which is a metal meshwork so early on the snow would have fallen through) by noon and still snowing steadily. After noon the snow became lighter, with some pauses, and it got windy. Temperatures were dropping too. About 2 pm or so I measured 4.5 on the hood of my truck and 4 to 4.5 inches on the sidewalk and driveway (the first snow probably melted there as the ground would have been above freezing).

Ground Conditions
– snow cover of 5 inches or so

Temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit)
– 24 or 25 at noon, 20 at 3:30 pm (my observations)
– 29 and 8 (official from Weather Underground)
– the low was tonight just before midnight

– about 5 inches of snow

Gardening and Yard Work
– shoveling snow

– woodpeckers – the usual hairy woodpeckers, female and male – photos
– juncos – photos
– goldfinch
– cardinal – female, male

– snow, juncos, woodpecker



Hairy Woodpecker on Suet Feeder

Hairy Woodpecker on Suet Feeder

Junco on Suet Feeder

Junco on Suet Feeder


Junco in snow


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