January 6, 2014 : Very Cold! And Getting Colder! Record Low!

– Very Cold! Windy. Sunny, but through some cloudiness, so it wasn’t very bright much of the time. Temperatures dropping.

Ground Conditions
– snow covered and frozen

Temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit)
– 4 about 11:15 am, about 3 at 3 pm, below zero at 5:15 pm (maybe 2 below – see note below), I estimate minus 5 about 10:15 pm (see note below) (my observations)
Note: my mercury thermometer isn’t marked below zero and I don’t know if it is accurate that low
– wind chills were around minus 30 at noon (TV news)
– 23 and minus 10 (official from TV as of 10 pm news)
– 23 and -10 (official from Weather Underground)
minus 10 was a RECORD LOW for this date and occurred tonight

– maybe another 0.5 inch of snow last night after midnight (hard to tell if there was any snow or not today)

– I put out extra bird seed
– the cardinal male was not as skittish as usual today – the cold makes him braver I guess, but the female is never as skittish and she was about the same as usual
– I saw the red-bellied woodpecker eating snow on the trunk of the red bud tree (photos)

– juncos – photos
– cardinals – male, female, photos
– hairy woodpecker – male, female, photos
– red-bellied woodpecker, photos
– goldfinches
– smalls

Other Animals
– I think there had been a squirrel on the bird feeder – the snow had been pushed off and there were what could be squirrel tracks

– woodpeckers, juncos, cardinal

Photo of Cardinal Female

Cardinal Female


Photo of Cardinal Female

Cardinal Female

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