February 26, 2014 – Hawk Photos

• A cold day. Sunny at times, cloudy at times. And at least one flurry of tiny snow flakes.

Ground Conditions
• frozen, icy in spots where there was standing water

Temperature – from my weather station, in degrees Fahrenheit (F) and/or Celsius (C)

• High: 28.0 (5:13 pm)
• Low : 13.1 (7:48 am)

Temperature – official from TV or Weather Underground, in degrees Fahrenheit

• High:
• Low :

Gardening and Yard Work
• the birds finished the suet so I put out another block

• juncos
• goldfinches
• cardinal – female, male
• smalls
• hawk – perched on the cement leaf shaped water bowl under the dogwood tree, photos taken through the kitchen window (used F11 setting recommended in the Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Photography Tips book)
• woodpecker(s) – downy
• black-capped chickadees
• wren(s)

Other Animals
• squirrel

• hawk

Photo of Hawk Under Dogwood Tree

Hawk Under Dogwood Tree

Photo of Hawk Under Dogwood Tree 2

Hawk Under Dogwood Tree 2

Photo of Hawk Under Dogwood Tree 3

Hawk Under Dogwood Tree 3

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