May 05, 2015 – Hummingbirds Are Here! First Official 80° Day

ROI Blog Day 125 – May 05, 2015 – Tuesday

Hummingbirds Are Here! First Official 80 Degree Day

• Another warm summery day. Sunny most of the time, but it was cloudy at times. Early this morning, a few minutes after midnight, there was a thunderstorm with some brief, but heavy, rain.

Temperature – from my weather station, in degrees Fahrenheit (F) and/or Celsius (C)
• High: 84.5 F (4:15 pm)
• Low : 63.3 F (7:22 am)

Temperature – official from TV or Weather Underground, in degrees Fahrenheit
• High: 82 – first time this year that we officially got to 80 degrees
• Low : 62

• about 0.5 inches of rain (0.375 when I measured but some will have evaporated)

Ground Conditions
• varies, as usual, from damp to very wet

Gardening and Yard Work
• B. came over to mow the lawn and help with yard work, he did the whole lawn this time, even the wet areas
• I filled the upside-down goldfinch feeder with fresh thistle seed
• I pruned the smaller branches off the broken cherry tree branch that hangs down to the ground so that B. could mow around it
• I pulled the weeds with the little white flowers from the corner garden
• a few other little odds and ends and supervising B.

• cabbage white
• red admiral – the first identified butterfly that isn’t a cabbage white

• hummingbirds – sighted the first one of the year at 12:02 pm, it was at the feeder in the patio garden, saw another one (or the same one) later at the other feeder – this one was a female and I didn’t notice with the first one, one or two more sightings after that
• cardinals – female, male
• wren

Other Animals
• rabbit – a little baby one
• squirrel

May 01, 2014 – Hummingbirds Are Here!

Day 121 – May 01, 2014 – Thursday

First Hummingbird sighting of the year!

• It was very nice in the morning and early afternoon, with a mix of clouds and sunshine, but then it became completely cloudy for the rest of the afternoon, except for a few peeks of sun this evening. It was also cool and breezy.

Ground Conditions
• probably still wet

Temperature – from my weather station, in degrees Fahrenheit (F) and/or Celsius (C)
• High: 65.4 F (12:03 pm)
• Low : 47.6 F (6:57 am)

Temperature – official from TV, in degrees Fahrenheit
• High: 58
• Low : 44

Humidity Maximum and Minimum
• 72 % RH
• 42 % RH

• Things are really growing nicely.

• robins
• woodpecker – downy, in the cherry trees
• hummingbird(s) – the first one I’ve seen this year, on the hummingbird feeder in the Patio Garden about 11:30 am, this afternoon I saw another one (or the same one?) on the feeder in the Hummingbird Garden, I think both of them were females, and another sighting later
• goldfinch(es)
• european starling
• grackles
• smalls
• cardinal – male
• duck – one flying
• black-capped chickadee

Other Animals
• squirrels – 3, and I’m pretty sure I saw 2 of them mating on the flat part of the big branch at the top of the hill

Beautiful Day

September 12, 2010

Weather: High 79.1 F, Low 63.1 F, Humidity 44%, 40%.
A beautiful, comfortable, day with sunny blue skies and a little breeze.

Birds: 2 or 3 times I saw a Hummingbird during late-mid afternoon. Could be a local, but I think it is just passing through.

Butterflies: Black Swallowtail, Silver-spotted Skippers, 2 Cabbage Whites, Tinies, Monarch, Pearl (?) Crescent.

Note: There have been a lot of Silver-spotted Skippers this year, especicially the last few weeks or so; so many that they are hard to count, but I tried today and there must have been at least 12. The Tinies consist of several varieties, are impossible to count (but I would guess there are at least 20 and probably more), hard to identify the different kinds so I don’t try, but I think most of them are Peck’s Skippers.

Yardwork: Raked up some dried leaves and put them, and the Great Blue Lobelias (that I took out the other day), into the compost bin in the back yard. I also did some watering as it continues to be extremely dry and some of the plants are wilting.

No Hummingbirds, Few Butterflies, Beautiful Day

September 9, 2010

Weather: High 74.1, Low 55.0, Humidity 40%. Beautiful sunny blue skies with a few wispy clouds.

Birds: I did not see any Hummingbirds today. I think they have gone south for the winter.

Butterflies – Noticeably fewer butterflies today. The ones I did see were:

  • Tinies
  • Silver-Spotted Skippers
  • Red-spotted Purple
  • Cabbage White (this is the first time in a long time that there has only been one, in fact there have been quite a few for a while)