May 05, 2015 – Hummingbirds Are Here! First Official 80° Day

ROI Blog Day 125 – May 05, 2015 – Tuesday

Hummingbirds Are Here! First Official 80 Degree Day

• Another warm summery day. Sunny most of the time, but it was cloudy at times. Early this morning, a few minutes after midnight, there was a thunderstorm with some brief, but heavy, rain.

Temperature – from my weather station, in degrees Fahrenheit (F) and/or Celsius (C)
• High: 84.5 F (4:15 pm)
• Low : 63.3 F (7:22 am)

Temperature – official from TV or Weather Underground, in degrees Fahrenheit
• High: 82 – first time this year that we officially got to 80 degrees
• Low : 62

• about 0.5 inches of rain (0.375 when I measured but some will have evaporated)

Ground Conditions
• varies, as usual, from damp to very wet

Gardening and Yard Work
• B. came over to mow the lawn and help with yard work, he did the whole lawn this time, even the wet areas
• I filled the upside-down goldfinch feeder with fresh thistle seed
• I pruned the smaller branches off the broken cherry tree branch that hangs down to the ground so that B. could mow around it
• I pulled the weeds with the little white flowers from the corner garden
• a few other little odds and ends and supervising B.

• cabbage white
• red admiral – the first identified butterfly that isn’t a cabbage white

• hummingbirds – sighted the first one of the year at 12:02 pm, it was at the feeder in the patio garden, saw another one (or the same one) later at the other feeder – this one was a female and I didn’t notice with the first one, one or two more sightings after that
• cardinals – female, male
• wren

Other Animals
• rabbit – a little baby one
• squirrel

January 7, 2014 : Extreme Cold, Below Zero Start, Warming Up

– Extreme cold last night, but warming through the day. Sunny with a few clouds, but becoming overcast in late afternoon.

Ground Conditions
– snow covered and frozen

Temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit)
– 12 about 1:45 pm (my observations, mercury thermometer)
– 11 and minus 9 (official from TV as of the 11 pm news)
– the official airport temperature was up to zero about noon
– the high temperature was tonight as temps continued to rise

– didn’t do much observing
– after some more research I now think the hairy woodpeckers I’ve been seeing are actually Downy and not Hairy like I thought before (but it is hard to be absolutely certain)

– juncos
– cardinal – female, male
– smalls
– goldfinches
– hairy woodpecker or downy woodpecker – after some research I now think the ones I’ve been seeing are actually Downy and not Hairy like I thought before (but it is hard to be absolutely certain)

Other Animals
– looks like rabbit tracks

Day 023 – January 23, 2013 – Wednesday

A very cold morning again. Cold and cloudy with steady light snow starting a little after 3 pm and continuing until after dark and then becoming lighter and probably ending around midnight. It was a very light, dry, fluffy snow – the kind that is so beautiful to watch come floating down.

There was a little snow on the ground to start with but there was more grass than snow showing. The inch we got today was enough to cover the ground.

Temperatures (Official) (Fahrenheit, from TV or Weather Underground)
20 and 8

Temperatures Observed (Fahrenheit, my observations, mercury thermometer)
25 in early afternoon I think
22 at 6 pm

probably about 1 inch

cardinal – 2 males and 2 females, VERY unusual!!!, years ago there were 5 or 6 pairs around one winter, but I don’t remember seeing more than one pair (and their children) since then (although it may have happened).
juncos – 2

Other Animals
mouse – outside, caught in the trap with stale cheese as bait
rabbits – several, after dark tonight

Of the cardinals and juncos (Sony, while it was snowing)

Here are some of the female Cardinal:


Female Cardinal Photo

Female Cardinal Photo

December 22, 2012

Temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit)

- (my observations) almost 34 at about 2 pm

- (official from TV) 30 and 24

Precipitation (Rain / Snow)

- none


- cold, sunny with mostly clear skies in the afternoon

- some of the snow melted, but still some on the ground


- cardinal – male, at the feeder at dusk

Other Animals

- rabbit – in the early am hours of the morning (last night)