January 3, 2014 : Cold!

– Bright sunshine, blue sky, sparkling white snow and cold.

Ground Conditions
– about 5 inches of snow

Temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit)
– 16 at noon (my observations)
– minus 5 and 14 (official from TV)
– minus 5º F = -20.556º C (conversion by metric-conversions.org)

– juncos
– smalls
– goldfinch
– black-capped chickadee
– wren – on suet feeder
– hairy woodpecker(s)
– cardinal – female, male
– dove

Other Animals
– squirrel

Happy New Year!

– Sunny in the morning then cloudy

Temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit)

– 41 about 1:45 pm, about 42 later (my observations)
– 41 and 22 (official from Weather Underground)


– didn’t do much observing

– woodpecker – hairy woodpecker (I’m still not absolutely sure they are not downy woodpeckers but I’m all but certain)
– juncos
– goldfinches – more than one today
– smalls
– cardinal male

Other Animals
– dog – a loose dog in the yard – same one as the other day

2013/01/09 – Wednesday – Day 009

a rain shower in the morning
sunny the rest of the day I think, but I think there were some high thin clouds

The snow continues to melt
Most of the snow has now melted and most of the ground is bare
There is some standing water

Temperatures (Official): (Fahrenheit, from TV or Weather Underground)
46 and 31

Temperatures Observed: (Fahrenheit, my observations, mercury thermometer)
45 in mid or late afternoon

1 or 2 tenths probably


  • cardinal – male
  • smalls – a bunch of them

Other Animals:

some of the yard to show how the snow has melted and how much is left

December 22, 2012

Temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit)

- (my observations) almost 34 at about 2 pm

- (official from TV) 30 and 24

Precipitation (Rain / Snow)

- none


- cold, sunny with mostly clear skies in the afternoon

- some of the snow melted, but still some on the ground


- cardinal – male, at the feeder at dusk

Other Animals

- rabbit – in the early am hours of the morning (last night)

March 19, 2012

Low: 60.8 (7:53 am)   High: 81.8 (3:39 pm)   Precipitation: None

Humidity: 64% at 12:15 pm, 52% at 4:30 pm (80 F), upper 40s in the evening around 7 and 8 pm with the temp around 77 F

The last day of winter, but it feels like summer. Mostly cloudy with some blue sky and quite a bit of sun, then becoming mostly clear and sunny later in the afternoon. Everything seems to be growing – getting buds, leafing out, coming up. There is a noticeable difference everyday when I look out into the yard.

I refilled the Upside Down Thistle Feeder, which was empty.


  • Cabbage Whites


  • Cardinal – male, female
  • Robins
  • Smalls
  • Juncos
  • Black-capped Chickadee


  • Bumble Bee
  • Wasp


  • Groundhog
  • Squirrel