Cool, Mostly Cloudy, Cardinals

October 4, 2010


  • High: 58.4 F (5:47 PM)
  • Low: I’d say about 48 F (I didn’t reset the sensor last night and the temperature didn’t get as low as yesterday’s low, but I think I saw that it was down to 48 late last night (early AM today).
  • Rain: a sprinkle this afternoon (maybe others I didn’t see)
  • Cool and cloudy with a little sun, off and on, in the late afternoon.


  • Cardinals (4) Both parents and their 2 young

Note: I didn’t see any birds until the Cardinals and their young came to the feeder shortly before dark (a little while after I put out some oil sunflower seed on the feeder).


  • None

Cooler, A Little Rain

October 2, 2010


  • High: 62.9 F
  • Low: Morning low was 52.7 (6:49 AM) F, but by 9:00 PM it was lower than that. The low was probably about 50 or 51 F close to midnight.
  • Rain: 1 or 2 tenths of an inch
  • Cooler than yesterday and there was a little rain this afternoon.


  • Cardinals (4, both parents and both young) Note: I think the young are a male and a female (one is bigger with less color, the other is smaller and has more red)
  • Black-capped Chickadees (2 for sure, 3 I think, possibly 4)


  • none

Other Animals:

  • Chipmunk (1) – up on the hill
  • Squirrel – on the bird feeder

Cooler, Beautiful, Blue Jay

October 1, 2010


  • High: 68.5 F (3:39 PM)
  • Low: 53.7 F (7:59 AM)
  • Today was cooler than yesterday, sunny, and beautiful.


  • Blue Jay (1 for sure, but I think there were 2) – It/they made an awful screech (like a hawk). I’m not sure I’ve seen any Blue Jays here before, but I have a vague impression that maybe I did years ago (if so they were rare even then).
  • Black-capped Chickadees (2)
  • Cardinals (the parents and their young)


  • 1 Tiny

Yardwork: I cut back part of one of the bigger Butterfly Bushes in the corner bed so that the Buttonbush would get more light. The Buttonbush is growing, but it was somewhat overgrown by the Butterfly Bush and needed more light and more space to grow.

Warmer, Breezy, Mostly Sunny

September 30, 2010


  • High: 76.2 (2:58 PM) F
  • Low: 52.8 (8:05 AM) F
  • Humidity: 49%
  • Mostly sunny, warmer than yesterday, and breezy. A nice day.

The patio side of the house does not get much afternoon sun these days because the sun is lower in the sky and behind some large trees to the south and southwest. During most of the summer it is sunny on most of that side all day long. This is the area where I take most of my photographs. After the leaves fall it will be sunny again, but there won’t be much to photograph.


  • Black-capped Chickadee(s)
  • Cardinal(s)
  • Note: I didn’t have much time to observe today


  • Silver-spotted Skipper (1 or 2) (patio area)
  • Cabbage White (1) (on Aster flowers)
  • Gray Hairstreak (1) (on Aster flowers)

Warmer, Sunny, Beautiful Day

September 29, 2010


  • High: 71.9 F
  • Low: 51.0 F (7:00 AM)
  • Humidity: 53%
  • A beautiful, sunny, warmer day.


  • The 2 Cardinals and their 2 young
  • Black-capped Chickadees (at least 3)
  • Goldfinch (1) – I haven’t seen any for a while. And I only see them occasionally since I stopped putting thistle in the upside-down thistle feeder. When I was feeding them there were usually a few, at least, everyday.


  • Cabbage White (1)
  • Tiny (1 or 2)
  • Pearl (?) Crescent (1)

Warmer, Cabbage White

September 28, 2010


  • High: 64.5 F
  • Low: 54.6 F
  • Humidity: 76%
  • Rain: probably just a little
  • It was cloudy until mid-afternoon when the sun came out for a while. After that it was mostly cloudy with just a little sun. There was probably a little rain, showers, or sprinkles last night and/or early this morning, but not enough that I can see any difference in the amount in the bowl compared to last evening.


  • 2 Black-capped Chickadees
  • I’m sure the Cardinals were around although I only had one glimpse


  • One Cabbage White was the only butterfly I saw

Cold, Rain, Cardinals

September 27, 2010


  • High: 58.4 F  (2:52 PM)
  • Low: 55.7 F
  • Rain: It looked like at least 1 inch by dark
  • A cold rainy day with the most rain in a long time. It was mostly a nice gentle rain that could soak into the bone dry ground. This was some very badly needed rain, and we could still use some more.


  • The Cardinal pair and their 2 young came to the feeder, quite a few times, even though it was raining
  • 2 Black-capped Chickadees


  • I did not see any, and that did not surprise me under the conditions

Beautiful Day

September 12, 2010

Weather: High 79.1 F, Low 63.1 F, Humidity 44%, 40%.
A beautiful, comfortable, day with sunny blue skies and a little breeze.

Birds: 2 or 3 times I saw a Hummingbird during late-mid afternoon. Could be a local, but I think it is just passing through.

Butterflies: Black Swallowtail, Silver-spotted Skippers, 2 Cabbage Whites, Tinies, Monarch, Pearl (?) Crescent.

Note: There have been a lot of Silver-spotted Skippers this year, especicially the last few weeks or so; so many that they are hard to count, but I tried today and there must have been at least 12. The Tinies consist of several varieties, are impossible to count (but I would guess there are at least 20 and probably more), hard to identify the different kinds so I don’t try, but I think most of them are Peck’s Skippers.

Yardwork: Raked up some dried leaves and put them, and the Great Blue Lobelias (that I took out the other day), into the compost bin in the back yard. I also did some watering as it continues to be extremely dry and some of the plants are wilting.

No Hummingbirds, Few Butterflies, Beautiful Day

September 9, 2010

Weather: High 74.1, Low 55.0, Humidity 40%. Beautiful sunny blue skies with a few wispy clouds.

Birds: I did not see any Hummingbirds today. I think they have gone south for the winter.

Butterflies – Noticeably fewer butterflies today. The ones I did see were:

  • Tinies
  • Silver-Spotted Skippers
  • Red-spotted Purple
  • Cabbage White (this is the first time in a long time that there has only been one, in fact there have been quite a few for a while)